5 Workout Aids That You Need In Your Bag Right Now

You are a hardcore dude and you go hard on everything you do… and that includes the gym. Whether you are new to lifting or a seasoned pro, you need these 5 workout aids in your gym bag now… Seriously – you’ll thank us.

Barbell Back Cushions

Squats are one of the most diverse lifts in your workout arsenal and, when you keep good form, you can accomplish so much, hitting several muscles at once and saving valuable time. However, when you begin to lift heavier weights, you can really begin to notice the strain it puts on your upper back especially if it is a struggle. A cushion can help and so can doing a few shoulder shrugs with the bar which can strengthen this area and decrease soreness in the upper back.

Power Producing Prohormones

Prohormones are a great, effective and legal way to get the benefits of strong steroid stacks without the side effects or ramifications. Legal and safe, prohormones can help you to gain power, increase endurance and build muscle. When combined with a stack, a healthy diet and a great workout regime, the results derived from prohormones are truly unmatched.

Legit Squat Bands

Those crazy little rubber band things that all the girls love so much are really great for ensuring you keep good form. You can get them online at several different retailers. They are especially good for at home use when you might not notice bad form as much as you would in the gym mirror. None of us like to admit we might have bad form now and then but it happens. It is best to correct it now so that you do not waste a million reps on improper positioning that can slow growth and hit the wrong target areas.

Quick and Easy Protein Pills

Protein shakes are great for bulking up – but let’s be honest a minute. They taste like absolute crap and the aftertaste is even worse. Besides, you always end up feeling like you are somehow being tricked into thinking that a sludge of liquefied meat is actually a chocolate smoothie. Protein pills make getting your protein easy and tasteless. That is good news if you are one of the many who cannot stand the taste of a healthy shake. You can swig them down with your prohormones and lunch – easy peasey.

Flexible Cooling Vest

Lifting, especially when you have a health condition, can get uncomfortably hot. A flexible cooling vest, often used in medical patients who are intolerant to heat, can be a lifter’s best friend. The fabric is designed to fit to you like a wicking vest so that it does not get in the way of your workout. It will keep your temperature down on days when you just cannot do the extra heat in the gym. This is a great add on if you have a chronic health condition or are feeling under the weather.

From a little padding for your bar to a better way to get the protein you need in your diet, these amazing workout aids are great for getting the most out of your daily workout. The little details can really make or break your dedication, making your hardcore lift session as comfortable, cool and effective as possible.