Prohormones As Body Building Agents

A gym rat has been in the gym for the last four years and had no muscle to show for it. The stalled progress is as a result of inconsistent training patterns, a poor diet and the lack of a clear plan. Enter prohormones, the gym rat, becomes the strongest and the most attractive looking guy in the gym. That is the power of a prohormone.

Professional bodybuilders and athletes are not new to prohormones. Prohormones have become hugely popular in the bodybuilding field. They are nothing but drugs that help you to boost your strength. It also helps athletes to enhance their performance and do more than their ability

What are Prohormones?

They are a class of compounds which are hormonal in nature. They are chemical entities which are converted into their anabolic counterparts upon consumption. These counterparts are the ones who are active in nature and show their effect in this form.

What are the Side Effects of Prohormones?

The effect of prohormones on the body and benefits were first reported a very long time ago when male athletes in the US competing in bodybuilding and other competitions started resorting to its use. A lot of celebrities have appeared on television commercials advertising for such products, thereby helping to expand their customer base by telling people about the benefits of such products.

However, recently, the severe implication of these products on the health of people using them has been found out, and they have been banned for use in a lot of countries. Regulating authorities like the Food and Drug Administration of the US has reported that these products can have several adverse side effects and can even lead to the development of secondary sexual characteristics in men.  So even though they may have some advantages, the ill-effects of these products cannot be undermined.

What are the Benefits?

The benefits of these products outnumber the health risks of Pro-Hormones. During heavy workout schedules, the intake of these products can result in a reduction in the amount of time taken for recovery. Further, they can seriously enhance the power of a body-builder to carry out heavy duty exercises. The newer muscle synthesized is also set into position.

The mechanism of action of prohormones is unique. They are first converted into their anabolic counterparts and then stimulate the receptors presents on the surface of various muscles. It also ensures that almost all of the nutrient intake from the diet in absorbed and sent to the muscles for being utilized for the formation of cells and subsequently tissues. However, there are certain enzymes in the body which may inhibit the action of these pro-hormones. They stop the metabolic conversion of these prohormones into subsequent metabolites, to be utilized for other processes further.


Pro-hormones are illegal in some countries, and they have adverse side effects. They could kill you. In the search for the perfect physique try and embrace natural means. They take longer but yet you will finally get the results.  If you have to take them then, before the consumption of such products, it is advisable to take proper help from a trainer or doctor to decide on the correct dosage. Bodybuilders and athletes who do not abuse these compounds reap the benefits without experiencing the named adverse effects.