The Best ProHormone Stacks 2016: Cutting And Bulking Agents

Stacking prohormones is a great option for gaining maximum benefits from the best prohormone stacks. For bodybuilders, it is an excellent way to achieve their muscle development goals. Stacking certain compounds, particularly prohormone stacks,can be synergistic and safe, but not always. Below are the best prohormone stacks that anyone can find useful with explanations on how to stack and use them. These prohormone stacks may be great choices for anyone based on his or her goals.

What to Remember Before Stacking

•All prohormone stacks require on cycle support, anti-Estrogens and proper Liver Care.
•Prohormone Stacks must be finished with a good Post Cycle Therapy Product. Also, note that this article is for stacking those prohormones that contain one compound since it’s a popular choice.
•Use single compounded prohormones and stacking them together.
•Stacking together more than three compounds is not advised.

Stacking three products is not as effective as stacking two or three prohormones, if even if it is the best prohormone stack. Going overboard creates a placebo effect. The user’s liver will be the greatest victim. If one chooses, he or she can interchangeably use some products for cutting/bulking purposes.

Here are the Best Prohormone Stacks Available

Halodrol + Epistane-Cutting Stacks

Check Out Best Prohormone Stacks Online Right Now!Cycle the Halodrol and Epistane for all four weeks. Halodrol is best run at 50-75mg per day. Take 30-45mg per day of Epistane. Take 2-3 servings, once upon rising, one mid afternoon/pre-workout, and once before sleeping. Please read your particular product’s nutritional label for further instructions.

Epistane is the first compound for lean muscle gain, estrogen blocking and increasing libido. Halodrol allows for explosive strength and lean mass gains. Halodrol stacked with Epistane is perfect for anyone looking to shred down body fat while still gaining lean mass. Water retention is close to none. That shredded beach body look is now within reach. Remember you need both a liver cleansing agent and an anti-estrogen. Don’t forget a post cycle is required for this stack and all other prohormones that you ever use.

1androcycle- Bulking Stack

1-Andro converts into 1-Testosterone which is more dominant than testosterone and cannot convert to DHT or Estrogen. But the flip side is that the user does not need to obtain the antiestrogen activity, the strength of the DHT, or the additional size and joint protection of the estrogen. Use 1-Andro for a cleaner bulk.

Halodrol + DMZ- Cutting Stack

Take the Halodrol and DMZ for all four weeks. Halodrol is best run at 50-75mg per day, whereas DMZ is best ran at 30-45mg per day. Read the product’s nutritional label for further instructions. Remember to take it once upon rising, one mid afternoon/pre-workout, and once before sleeping.

Halodrol allows for explosive strength and leans mass gains excellent for individuals who are seeking to from down their body fat. DMZ is an exquisite choice due to its zero water retention property. Also,  it allows  a high amount of  explosive strength and lean mass gains when stacked together with Halodrol. Looking to get ripped? Then this is for you. You need an agent to clean out your liver. The agent should also be an anti-estrogen. A post cycle is necessary for this stack and all other prohormones that you ever use.

4adcycle- Bulking Stack

4-Andro is a favorite bulker outside there, for as always ‘Test is Best’. 4-Andro converts to testosterone. This process will add mass faster. As testosterone it is anabolic, converting to DHT and estrogen. DHT has a unique property that allows it to cancel out the estrogen’s feminizing effects without interfering with the estrogens anabolic impact. Besides, the DHT can give users all the strength and aggression they require.

Epistane + DMZ- Cutting Prohormone Stack

Use the Epistane and DMZ for all four weeks. Epistane is best taken at the 30-45mg per day range. The users should take it in the morning, one at noon or pre-workout, and before sleeping. It best to read the particular product’s nutritional label for further instructions.

Epistane is the first compound for lean muscle gain, estrogen blocking and increasing libido. DMZ is has zero water retention property. The product also allows more explosive strength and lean mass gains when stacked together with Epistane. A post cycle is mandatory for this prohormone stack and all other prohormones that you ever use. You need both an anti-estrogen and liver cleansing agent.

Formxliq1- Bulking Prohormone Stack

Form XT is a combination of an aromatase to prohibit the body from synthesizing estrogen from their testosterone and a SERM. The process has a way of blocking estrogen receptors to prevent estrogen from sending a signal to the user’s pituitary to stop the production of testosterone. If you’re running an entirely dry cycle you shouldn’t need this on cycle, just post cycle.

Epistane + DMZ + Max LMG-Cutting Prohormone Stack

Users should run the Epistane, DMZ, and Max LMG for four weeks. Epistane is best ran at 30-45mg per day, whereas DMZ is best ran at 30-45mg per day. Take 2-3 servings, once upon rising, one mid afternoon/preworkout, and once before sleeping. Please read your particular product’s nutritional label for further instructions.

DMZ is great because it allows for explosive strength and lean mass gains while helping you to retain little to no water. Max LMG provides high lean mass gains and reduces water retention as well giving parched gains to the user. If you want to shred down your body fat, but still gain lean mass, Epistane stacked with DMZ and Max is an excellent option. The product will ensure water retention capacity of the body is under control, allowing for that shredded look.


The above choices show what makes a good stack.  Although some prohormones are known for having a particular side effects, with adequate care, one can still benefit. For one to get the best prohormone stack, he or she should follow the instructions of manufacturer or stack the drug under the supervision of a professional medical practitioner.

Prohormones As Body Building Agents

A gym rat has been in the gym for the last four years and had no muscle to show for it. The stalled progress is as a result of inconsistent training patterns, a poor diet and the lack of a clear plan. Enter prohormones, the gym rat, becomes the strongest and the most attractive looking guy in the gym. That is the power of a prohormone.

Professional bodybuilders and athletes are not new to prohormones. Prohormones have become hugely popular in the bodybuilding field. They are nothing but drugs that help you to boost your strength. It also helps athletes to enhance their performance and do more than their ability

What are Prohormones?

They are a class of compounds which are hormonal in nature. They are chemical entities which are converted into their anabolic counterparts upon consumption. These counterparts are the ones who are active in nature and show their effect in this form.

What are the Side Effects of Prohormones?

The effect of prohormones on the body and benefits were first reported a very long time ago when male athletes in the US competing in bodybuilding and other competitions started resorting to its use. A lot of celebrities have appeared on television commercials advertising for such products, thereby helping to expand their customer base by telling people about the benefits of such products.

However, recently, the severe implication of these products on the health of people using them has been found out, and they have been banned for use in a lot of countries. Regulating authorities like the Food and Drug Administration of the US has reported that these products can have several adverse side effects and can even lead to the development of secondary sexual characteristics in men.  So even though they may have some advantages, the ill-effects of these products cannot be undermined.

What are the Benefits?

The benefits of these products outnumber the health risks of Pro-Hormones. During heavy workout schedules, the intake of these products can result in a reduction in the amount of time taken for recovery. Further, they can seriously enhance the power of a body-builder to carry out heavy duty exercises. The newer muscle synthesized is also set into position.

The mechanism of action of prohormones is unique. They are first converted into their anabolic counterparts and then stimulate the receptors presents on the surface of various muscles. It also ensures that almost all of the nutrient intake from the diet in absorbed and sent to the muscles for being utilized for the formation of cells and subsequently tissues. However, there are certain enzymes in the body which may inhibit the action of these pro-hormones. They stop the metabolic conversion of these prohormones into subsequent metabolites, to be utilized for other processes further.


Pro-hormones are illegal in some countries, and they have adverse side effects. They could kill you. In the search for the perfect physique try and embrace natural means. They take longer but yet you will finally get the results.  If you have to take them then, before the consumption of such products, it is advisable to take proper help from a trainer or doctor to decide on the correct dosage. Bodybuilders and athletes who do not abuse these compounds reap the benefits without experiencing the named adverse effects.

The Importance Of Self-Discipline When Starting Prohormones

Prohormones contain the basic, precursors of natural hormones so that the body is able to make more of the very chemicals that it already produces. When testosterone levels start to wane or when these aren’t sufficient for meeting personal goals, taking a prohormone product is a fast and simple way to prime the body for success. Those who are new to these formulas, however, should be mindful of the need for self-discipline. These products are not magical, overnight wonders. They take lots of hard work and dedication. While a prohormone can make it possible for you to achieve your fitness goals, you’ll still be responsible for all the labor that your goals entail.

Establish A Solid Workout Plan Before Starting Prohormones

A lot of guys make the mistake of thinking that they’ll kick their workouts into high gear once they have the additional pep that their prohormone supplements provide. The reality, however, is that you should already have a solid and challenging fitness routine in place. To get the best results from these products, you should already be doing everything that you possibly can to build your ideal body. If you aren’t pushing yourself your hardest right now, you won’t realize the full potential of these products.

This same is also true in your eating plan. Prohormones do kick up your appetite, especially those that are used for bulking. Eating the wrong foods, however, will cause you to pack on pounds of fat, rather than muscle. Before you start a bulking stack, make sure that you’re fueling up on lots of complex carbs and lean protein, rather than making regular stops through the drive-through window. In addition to controlling your fat stores and increasing overall muscle gain, good nutrition will both pamper and nurture your body throughout your cycle. Remember, you cannot put increased demands on your physique without providing the body with a bit of extra care. This same is also true during cycles of cutting stacks. While taking any prohormone with an included fat burner, always make sure to eat according to your energy requirements while getting plenty of lean protein to help you preserve the new muscle that you’ve built.

Concerns About Side Effects

Taking care of yourself is also the second most effective way to eliminate any concerns that you might have about potential side effects. A healthy body is far better able to adapt to the physiological changes that you’ll be making by taking prohormones. This in turn, limits the likelihood of elevated blood pressure, digestive issues and liver problems. It goes without saying, however, that the first and most effective way to sidestep these unpleasantries entirely is by looking for a well-rated, pure product that can bypass major organ systems altogether. A quality product that’s paired with diligent nutrition and exercise will help you achieve your bodybuilding goals in almost no time at all.

Gym Trolls: 5 Completely Ridiculous People You Meet At The Gym

The King Kong Lifter

When he walks into the gym, you swear you hear the Rocky theme song. He probably hears it too… in his head. His heart probably beats to the Rocky theme song. This guy is chock full of prohormones. Protein lives in his veins. He beats his chest and slaps his knees… then he leans down and lifts the most massive weight load you have ever seen. King Kong guy is funny but he’s also boss and you want to know how to get the Rocky theme song to pop into everyone’s heads when you arrive too.

The Cyclist Coach

The guy who leads the cycle class is hardcore on a whole new level of hardcore that only exists behind the doors of the cycle room. He gets all the chicks for whatever reason. His swagger lives inside his pink headband and his spandex shorts are something that you have tried to un-see but cannot. The way he stands up on the bike reminds you of that scene in Titanic where Leonardo DiCaprio declares himself King of the World. Why? You are not sure but it does.

The White Snake Video Model Lookalike

There is always that one girl in the gym who looks like she got dressed up just to take the treadmill. She probably did. She also wears the smallest shorts out of everyone in the gym (except for cycle dude) and she sports that bright red sports bra that basically says “Hey, over here.” However, when you walk up to her to get her number – she goes into a rage that you can only describe as what must happen when you take a celery stick away from a supermodel. She doesn’t mind you looking but don’t talk to her. That’s against the rules of her game.

The Handsy Trainer

Trainers are great. They give us great advice on form, prohormones and meal suggestions. However, there is always that one trainer who is just a little too touchy-feely. He always finds a reason to put his hand on your lower back when you squat. Always touches your shoulder when he spots you and it is not just you. He just has this thing with touching people and it creeps you out just a little. Worst of all, you cannot punch him because he is bigger than you.

The Oh-Hey Locker Room Guy

You know that one guy who is completely oblivious to the fact that you do not want his naked bum in your face? That’s this guy. He knows when you are sitting on the bench getting ready to take your prohormones from your bag. He knows that his butt is nose level to your face when you do. He does not care. You care though…. you care a lot. You think you may have PSTD.

From the King Kong Lifter to the naked guy in the locker room, gym trolls are everywhere. That is alright though. Gym trolls keep us coming back for more, wondering what the hell we will see at the gym next time we show up.

5 Workout Aids That You Need In Your Bag Right Now

You are a hardcore dude and you go hard on everything you do… and that includes the gym. Whether you are new to lifting or a seasoned pro, you need these 5 workout aids in your gym bag now… Seriously – you’ll thank us.

Barbell Back Cushions

Squats are one of the most diverse lifts in your workout arsenal and, when you keep good form, you can accomplish so much, hitting several muscles at once and saving valuable time. However, when you begin to lift heavier weights, you can really begin to notice the strain it puts on your upper back especially if it is a struggle. A cushion can help and so can doing a few shoulder shrugs with the bar which can strengthen this area and decrease soreness in the upper back.

Power Producing Prohormones

Prohormones are a great, effective and legal way to get the benefits of strong steroid stacks without the side effects or ramifications. Legal and safe, prohormones can help you to gain power, increase endurance and build muscle. When combined with a stack, a healthy diet and a great workout regime, the results derived from prohormones are truly unmatched.

Legit Squat Bands

Those crazy little rubber band things that all the girls love so much are really great for ensuring you keep good form. You can get them online at several different retailers. They are especially good for at home use when you might not notice bad form as much as you would in the gym mirror. None of us like to admit we might have bad form now and then but it happens. It is best to correct it now so that you do not waste a million reps on improper positioning that can slow growth and hit the wrong target areas.

Quick and Easy Protein Pills

Protein shakes are great for bulking up – but let’s be honest a minute. They taste like absolute crap and the aftertaste is even worse. Besides, you always end up feeling like you are somehow being tricked into thinking that a sludge of liquefied meat is actually a chocolate smoothie. Protein pills make getting your protein easy and tasteless. That is good news if you are one of the many who cannot stand the taste of a healthy shake. You can swig them down with your prohormones and lunch – easy peasey.

Flexible Cooling Vest

Lifting, especially when you have a health condition, can get uncomfortably hot. A flexible cooling vest, often used in medical patients who are intolerant to heat, can be a lifter’s best friend. The fabric is designed to fit to you like a wicking vest so that it does not get in the way of your workout. It will keep your temperature down on days when you just cannot do the extra heat in the gym. This is a great add on if you have a chronic health condition or are feeling under the weather.

From a little padding for your bar to a better way to get the protein you need in your diet, these amazing workout aids are great for getting the most out of your daily workout. The little details can really make or break your dedication, making your hardcore lift session as comfortable, cool and effective as possible.

Steroids, The Video Game

The world of steroids have been a part of videos games in some shape, way or form for many years now. This piece will be taking a look at a series of sports video games known as Blitz: The League, which caused a lot of controversy amongst their release because it allowed you to use steroids in the game on your football players. Keep in mind before we continue on here, these players had the physique of a bodybuilding star, even the kickers, so the game is not the most realistic depiction of the sport to ever be played on a video game console. Blitz: The League was first released in 2005 on the Sony Playstation 2, Sony Playstation Portable and the Microsoft X-Box, it was an off shoot of the widely popular NFL Blitz arcade games.

The game would actually feature several former National Football League players as different characters in the game. The most notable of the bucnh would be NFL Hall Of Famer and NFL Super Bowl Champion Lawrence Taylor, who portrayed the character known as Quentin Sands. So, where is the steroid connection to this video game series is something you may be wondering, well it appears when a player gets injured. Assuming you are playing the game and the player you are controlling gets injured, the game will allow you an option to shoot up with steroids on the sidelines and your player will instantly be healed, he will also be able to instantly return to the game and play. This caused a huge amount of controversy in the sports world, because not only had the video game mocked the NFL about their rumored steroid use, but it glorified it as well.

The game, whether intentionally or not, essentially suggested that if you wanted to ever heal from any injury on the field, just shoot up with steroids and everything will be fine. However, the game did do something that made the player potentially pay for taking the stuff and that was that if a player eventually suffered a major injury, no amount of steroids can save them form the injury. The game would also feature a story mode, which means that you will be taken through the lives of the players in the fictional league as well. That means that you would interact with other players and personalities whether you were on the field or not. That is where our friendly steroid user would make his return because you would be given the option to shoot up off the field as well.

In an interesting side note to this whole ordeal, the people behind the controversial ESPN program Playmakers, which depicted steroid use in a fictional football league, where the folks who wrote the story lines for the game. ESPN was so angered by the TV show that they threatened to pull all NFL coverage from ESPN and ESPN would cave in to cancel the show after the first season. Back to the video game realm for a moment, Blitz: The League II would be released a few years later and while the game still featured plenty of outrageous moments, the steroid usage would be turned down slightly. Steroids are not just something exclusive to the proverbial real life, they are in video games as well and this will not be the last time we here about them either.