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Lexa personal organizer software - a reliable companion for managing contacts, appointments, things at work and in personal life. You are all things always will make time! Achieve their goals! Lexa personal organizer software provides the necessary functions, so you can focus on your business. There is no confusing and unnecessary functions. Personal Organizer Lexa has all that you can better concentrate on their daily activities, tasks and purposes.
Lexa personal organizer has a simple, intuitive interface that allows the most convenient to describe the business, objectives, goals. In a few clicks you can add a new task with a description and reminder. You can keep track of daily tasks and automatically receive notices about upcoming events and tasks. The task list can be printed.

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Organizer tasks software

Task Manager
Everyone is trying to create order in their affairs. Lexa Organizer software to help you fulfill your dream. Enter a list of tasks organizer software implemented in a convenient and at the same time a simple form. Task Manager shows the beginning of the list of tasks that are not completed. Next on the list are tasks performed with a delay. Timely implementation of tasks in Task Manager has at the end of the list. The task list you can sort as it is more suitable for you: by date, by priority, by category or alphabetically.
Organizer Add task

Adding tasks to the task manager
Lexa Organizer software allows easy and convenient to add new tasks in your Task Manager. While adding a new task does not need to fill out all fields. Simply enter the title and select the category tasks. If you want to add a task while viewing the business objectives, then the category of new task will be the same. For each task in the Task Manager you can set its priority, and specify a date reminder with snooze. Sound alarm, you can choose your own taste.
Organizer Reminder

You are planning an important meeting or recorded in the Task Manager, an important task to be performed in time - a handy feature Lexa Organizer Software "reminder" to help you solve these problems. Include the date and time sound signal. For each task, you can choose your own sound. When you hear a sound signal, you can disable it or move to another date.
Organizer Print task program

Printing tasks from the task manager
From the Task Manager, you can print individual tasks, or task list. Printing tasks can be used in a different sort: by date or category. You can organize the printing of a new category with a new sheet. User-friendly interface Lexa Organizer software allows you to select the paper orientation. It is possible to print only the unfinished task.
Organizer many Custom Categories

Custom Categories
Challenges and problems are always a lot. Integrate tasks into categories for easy organization of its work. For each category choose its icon. Task Manager will sort tasks by category to make sure you have not missed a single problem.
Organizer settings

General settings organizer software
Lexa personal organizer software has flexible settings. It allows you to organize the fast launching organizer software with Windows, make it transparent in an inactive form. You can customize the way of presenting the tasks on the screen: the performance time on task category or alphabetically, by priority. You can choose from 30 Skins.
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The main features

* Organizer is a skinnable program, the whole look could be changed in a few clicks of mouse.

* Each Task can have its due date, reminder, priority, category and long description.

* Whole task list can be printed in very useful style. Each category can be printed on separated page, only uncompleted tasks could be printed etc.

* Custom categories could be created in a few seconds.

Lexa organizer software — best personal task manager program.


Game software - Balls
Lexa Game Balls free
Original puzzle game
Lexa balls, which is easy to learn, but it requires thinking about strategies to recruit a large number of points. The aim of the game is to score the most points possible. The player's task is to exchange places by two neighboring balls to get a straight line (horizontal or vertical) of three or more balls of one color. The longer the line is assembled, the more points you receive player. Once the line is assembled, it disappears. The empty space is filled with balls falling from above. The upper empty space filled balls in an arbitrary configuration. The game offers several options, but the player's task to choose a moving ball, which will provide the maximum number of points.

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